Dermocosmetics Christina is a correcting cosmetic that solves different aesthetic skin problems. Cosmetic preparations are made by high quality raw materials, free of allergens.


The procedure is ideally suited for special occasions. The SILK procedure is based on the application of silkworm cocoons. By dissolving them directly on the skin, the absorption of the hydrolyzate is achieved through the skin.

Immediate effect of the procedure:

  • The skin is balanced, strengthened
  • Moisturizing substances make the skin soft and shine
  • Restoring the optimal pH level in the skin
  • Vitamins penetrate into the skin
  • Has a reviving effect on the tired face
  • Indications for the procedure:
  • skin care in the aftermath of chemotherapy
  • antistress procedure (in case of skinny, atonic, tired skin)
  • rejuvenating program (6-15 procedures, 1 × in 10-14 days)
  • regeneration program after different types of peeling (10-16 procedures, 1 × for 14-22 days)
  • acute sun damage
  • fast weight loss during fasting and dieting
  • skin care during pregnancy and lactation
  • The number of procedures can be unlimited

The eight-stage procedure will help to get the soft as silk skin as it reduces the influence of both external and internal factors that cause premature aging of the skin.