Trichopigmentation Exclusive Beauty Clinic will help to hide defects caused by alopecia - hair loss, the appearance of bald spots or loss of former density. This pigmentation of the head looks as natural as possible. It is compatible with the passage of a course of treatment from the trichologist. This procedure is a safe alternative to hair transplantation. It has a number of advantages: no stitches, scarring and complete absence of the rehabilitation period (left the cabinet and no one will notice anything). And most importantly - affordable cost in comparison with the operation of hair transplantation.

Scalp Micropigmentation Exclusive Beauty Clinic simulates very short hair grown on the newly shaved scalp.

Hair tattooing method is suitable for all skin types and hair. This treatment recreates the natural line of hair follicles gently blending with the existing hair.

The treatment is suitable not only for men but also for women with thinning hair. With this technique it is possible to give hair significant visual density.

With this method help you can mask any defects on the scalp: scars, skin pigmentation, burn marks, etc.

Exclusive Beauty Clinic PROCEDURE

Before the procedure our specialist will do a consultation during which will analyze your natural pigmentation of hair to create the perfect pigment shade especially for you.

The process of micropigmentation is similar to the procedure of permanent make-up or tattooing. However, during this procedure, special microneedles are used, which put the pigment to a shallower depth. Simulated hairs perfectly retain their shape and natural appearance.

Over time, the pigment pales, the stability of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the skin.

For optimal results, up to three procedures are sometimes required.

However, the result is after the first procedure.

3 weeks after the procedure, correction is recommended.

Duration: 1-3 hours The period of healing: scab forming within 2-4 days, peeling process - 7 days Complete healing in 4 weeks

After the procedure:

Do not shower 12 hours after the procedure Do not sunbathe minimum 14 days after the procedure Avoid sauna, steam bath, open water or swimming pool, etc. 14 days after the procedure Do not scratch the skin during the peeling process Apply special cream twice a day for 10 days



Initial consultation with a specialist, including cosmetic exam and recommendations on the plan and the number of required procedures, as well as on the preliminary cost – FREE

Total cost of treatment depends on the amount and density of work. For a preliminary cost count we use the scale "Hamilton - Norwood" as a guide. * Scale "Hamilton - Norwood" - is the classification of baldness progression from 1 to 12. See photo


  Skin scar from 5000,- Kč
  Correction from 2000,- Kč
1. Thickening of the corners 6500,- Kč
  Correction 2600,- Kč
2. Thickening of the corners + part of head 8000,- Kč
  Correction 3200,- Kč
3. Thickening of the corners + part of head 8000,- Kč
  Correction 3200,- Kč
4. Corners + part of the head + top of the head + back of the head 15000,- Kč
  Correction 6000,- Kč
5. Hair thickening 15000,- Kč
  Correction 6000,- Kč
6. Tightening the head part deeper into the front and sleep area 18000,- Kč
  Correction 7200,- Kč
7. Tightening of the head part deeper into the front and the sleeping area + top of the head + back of the head 20000,- Kč
  Correction 8000,- Kč
8. Tightening of the head part deeper into the front and the sleeping area + top of the head + back of the head 29000,- Kč
  Correction 11600,- Kč
9. Total front central area 29000,- Kč
  Correction 11600,- Kč
10. Total front central area + top of the head 35000,- Kč
  Correction 14000,- Kč
11. Total front central area + back of the head 39000,- Kč
  Correction 15600,- Kč
12. Nearly the whole head 45000,- Kč
  Correction 18000,- Kč
13. Whole head 50000,- Kč
  Correction 20000,- Kč



  • High level cosmetology professionals
  • Knowledge and practical experience in hair modeling using micropigmentation
  • The successful results of our work (our happy customers)
  • High-end equipment required for these procedures
  • Result after the first treatment
  • 12 months warranty on the pigment intensity
  • The pigment does not change its color and does not blur
  • The simulated hairs keep their initial shape and natural look
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Confidentiality of all client data
  • A flexible system of discounts depending on the amount of work
  • On-the-spot professional communication at all stages of treatment
  • Ability to listen to the customer and take into account your comments to further improve our service quality

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