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Skin care cosmetics

To make your face shine with natural beauty and freshness, experienced specialists of Exclusive Beauty Clinic developed the Perfect Skin method.

To make skin look radiant and incredibly smooth, make PRX-T33 therapy!

For more efficient removal of pigmentation, a combination with IPL is recommended.

(Cz) Rituál pro citlivou a podrážděnou pleť bez parabenů a barviv. 

A vacuum-based mechanical peel that simultaneously cleans the skin and fills it with moisture. Equipped with two types of LEDs.

Procedure is suitable for all age categories and for all skin types. Maximum hydration of your skin at any time of the year!

Procedure for those who avoid injections and surgical interventions.

pecial deep cleaning with needle.

Program against couperose

Healthy, radiant, hairless skin.

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