• Passive pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance.
  • Inflammatory pigmentation associated with external exposure (sunburn, chemical burn, perfume, allergies).
  • Photodamage skin.


  • Cleansing the face with a tonic that has a light whitening effect.
  • Peeling based on koic acid, which suppresses melanogenesis.
  • Atraumatic facial cleansing with ultrasound.
  • Whey, flax and kojic acid oils serum, which prevents the appearance of pigmentation and restores the skin’s epidermal barrier.
  • Enzyme mask superficially removes pigment, normalizes metabolic processes and melanogenesis.
  • The final cream based on ascorbic and citric acid, nourishes the skin, whitens it.

For more efficient removal of pigmentation, a combination with IPL is recommended.