Facial and LPG Body Massage

This massage was developed by an association of plastic surgeons from Italy.
During the treatment we work exclusively with the muscles of the face and neck.

Face Lifting or LIFT-6 is a non-surgical face lift, the only suitable alternative to plastic surgery.

The eye area is the finest and most delicate part of the whole face.
Insufficient eye care may go down to a worsening of vision, thats why prevention is important.

Cosmetic facial massage is one of the most relaxing massages. It acts mechanically on the skin and under its muscles and nerve endings. Choose from our massages.

It is a special massage technique that was developed for active lymphatic drainage, release of mimic muscles and strengthening of the face contour.

This is a special instrument massage which aims to restore and increase lymphatic circulation. It is based on intermittent compression of the legs and create pressure waves which also support venous system. It is also a prevention against formation of varicose veins.

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