Facial and LPG Body Massage

Thermoactive anti-cellulite wraps with Cello Gel gels from Styx.

LPG massage is a unique method developed by French scientists, recognized in the world of plastic surgery, is the best alternative to liposuction as the therapy of cellulite and overweight. To the skin and subcutaneous fat tissues by the special rollers, placed in the handle, which rotate quickly, are resultant in fat burning and volume reduction.

Face Lifting or LPG LIFT-6 is a non-surgical face lift, the only suitable alternative to plastic surgery.

It is a special massage technique that was developed for active lymphatic drainage, release of mimic muscles and strengthening of the face contour.

Uncomfortable and painful sensations in the back are the most frequent reason for contacting massage specialists.

The eye area is the finest and most delicate part of the whole face.
Insufficient eye care may go down to a worsening of vision, thats why prevention is important.

Reflexology foot massage is today considered the most effective type of massage.

In the daily rhythm of life, we often experience fatigue and nervous tension.

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