Permanent make-up | Microblading

Permanent makeup has recently become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.  Modern women appreciate its convenience and practicality.

This is a unique refined method of permanent makeup. The pigment is applied by microblading (or embroidery) technique.

As a result permanent makeup looks very natural

Permanent long-time liner accentuates  your eyes,  lips and eyebrows in a perfectly natural way

Our salon has exclusive representation in the Czech Republic.

Removing a tattoo with a remover is a good way to get rid of an unsuccessful or boring permanent makeup or tattoo.

Lips are a very important part of your face. Permanent makeup of lips can regulate the size, shape and color of your lips to improve overall appearance.

Eyebrows are very important for facial expression. The shape, color, intensity, density and length of eyebrows can be adjusted with the help of permanent make-up. A small asymmetry of the eyebrows can also be corrected. The shape of the eyebrows is always drawn in advance by the cosmetologist.

Eyes can be highlighted with soft dots between the eyelashes and more prominent lines that replace the eye makeup. The version of the line is pre-drawn by the beautician without make-up and is approved by the client.

Effect corresponding to a light concealer.

The procedure is suitable for both women and men.

What awaits us after permanent make-up treatment?

  • Slight swelling may persist 2 days
  • The color is 60% more intense than the resulting shade
  • After 4-5 days, the skin will peel off and also partly with the color
  • After 3 weeks the skin will regenerate, and the color will return partially
  • After 4 weeks, if necessary, a subsequent correction will be made

Follow-up care for pigmented areas:

  • 10 days after application keep the pigmented area clean and dry
  • Not smear anything
  • Do not remove the scabs by force
  • 4 weeks do not go to solarium and direct sun
  • Protect the treated area from the sun with the SPF 50
  • Do not go to the pool and sauna for a week
  • 4 days after application instead of water
  • Do not exercise for 7 days
  • Keep the skin clean

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