Lips are a very important part of your face. Permanent makeup of lips can regulate the size, shape and color of your lips to improve overall appearance.

Care for permanent make-up of lips:

  • Within 2 days after the procedure, the lips can be slightly swollen, and the lip color is 60% more intense than the final result
  • At the day of application, there may be small swelling or redness around the pigmented area
  • Keep the pigmented area clean and dry for 4 days after application.
  • Do not remove exfoliating skin
  • Protect the treated area from direct sunlight and use a cream with a protection level of SPF 50
  • Do not go to the pool and sauna for a week
  • Do not wash for 24 hours
  • Permanent makeup Exclusive Beauty Clinic is a well-developed method. Using microneedles, hypoallergenic mineral pigments are applied to the top layer of the skin. Colors are individually mixed and adapted to the natural skin tones.

OxiSecret places great emphasis on the natural appearance, this is a two-phase process, so the price includes correction with a three-month warranty. The durability of permanent make-up is 1 to 4 years.