Eyebrows are very important for facial expression. The shape, color, intensity, density and length of eyebrows can be adjusted with the help of permanent make-up. A small asymmetry of the eyebrows can also be corrected. The shape of the eyebrows is always drawn in advance by the cosmetologist.

When choosing the shape and color, we pay great attention to the individual features of the face (eye, skin, hair). The color should be as natural as possible.

Care for permanent make-up of eyebrows:

  • 4 days after application, the color of the eyebrows will be 60% brighter than the final result
  • At the day of application, there may be small swelling or redness around the pigmented area
  • Keep the pigmented area clean and dry for 4 days after application
  • Do not remove exfoliating skin
  • Protect the treated area from direct sunlight and use a cream with a protection level of SPF 50
  • Do not go to the pool and sauna for a week
  • Do not wash for 24 hours