What could not even be imagined yesterday has become a reality today - SMAS lifting without a surgeon's scalpel.

This is the only procedure that does not target the skin, but the underlying muscle-aponeurotic layer (known to all as SMAS).

Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting is performed most often once and does not require rehabilitation (just imagine: no bruises, no terrible edema, no skin redness!).  Those.  right after the procedure, you can go on a date, because  You will look great!

Indications for use:

  •  Sagging, laxity of the chin and neck area;
  •  Loss of clarity of the face oval and the contour of the submandibular zone;
  •  Loss of clarity of the lines of the contour of the lower jaw;
  •  Deepening of nasolabial folds, drooping of the corners of the mouth;
  •  Dropping eyebrows;
  •  Age changes;
  •  "Double" chin;
  •  Loss of lines of the contours of the cheekbones;
  • Gravitational ptosis of facial and body tissues.

Application advantages:

  • The procedure is painless;
  • Does not require special training and anesthesia;
  • The procedure is performed once with the effect increasing in the future over 1-3 months;
  • Sustainable, pronounced effect for 1-1.5 years;
  • No need for a rehabilitation period.

What yesterday was impossible to even imagine, today has become a reality - SMAS lifting without a surgeon's scalpel.

The effect obtained as a result of the HIFU SMAS lifting procedure increases within 90 days after the procedure.

Prices can be changed (increased or decreased) in consultation with a specialist.