Hydro-vacuum facial cleansing is a facial cosmetic facial cleansing procedure using special equipment. Thermal water and vacuum are simultaneously supplied to the handle of the device.  

The main effects of vacuum cleaning:

  • cleansing;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • toning;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • alignment of skin tone;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • reduction of swelling;
  • lifting


Indications for vacuum cleaning:

  • combined or oily skin with dilated pores;
  • reduced turgor;
  • increased oily skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • comedones (black dots);
  • uneven skin texture.


Contraindications to carrying out vacuum cleaning of the face:

  • couperosis (capillary mesh);
  • chronic dermatosis;
  • dry and thin skin;
  • rosacea;
  • exacerbation of skin inflammatory diseases.