The laser program to combat smoking and weight loss is an advanced approach in the treatment of nicotine addiction. It helps people quit smoking cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco or as an excellent aid to people in weight loss.

The program is adapted to the needs of people in all cases. The program can help you achieve your goal without stress.

A laser acupuncture procedure stabilizes endorphins. The body and mind are in a calmer, relaxed state, and the more stable effect of endorphin helps eliminate or reduce the desire to smoke or eat.

Soft lasers are extremely safe since laser light does not affect healthy cells. Laser light restores balance, energy, nutrients and oxygen permeability to sick cells, creating conditions for accelerated recovery and recovery.

In most cases, one procedure is enough. This is a method that includes the experience of the most famous traditional medicine institutes in China, Nanjing and laser technology.


About acupuncture and lasers

Few people know how acupuncture works, but almost everyone has a picture of needles inserted into their skin. However, fewer people know that acupuncture can be done differently: using electrical impulses.

Biologically active points on the surface of the body are stimulated. These points are interconnected in the so-called meridian orbits. The essence of acupuncture is to affect the regulatory systems of the body, most often the nervous, endocrine and immune systems are affected. The purpose of the procedure is to restore the humoral, vegetative and energy balance of the body.


It has advantages over acupuncture needles:

  • Non-invasive (leaves no residue on the skin), does not hurt,
  • Laser stimulation is more effective than electrical stimulation in places reachable by laser,
  • In medicine, Laser and electrical stimulation are usually used for symptomatic pain relief in the long term, as well as an additional treatment for pain, for example, after surgery


Within 45 minutes Soft lasers stimulate acupuncture points.


Is it safe?

Soft lasers are extremely safe since laser light does not affect healthy cells. The laser smoking cessation procedure is completely painless, without risk and without associated effects. The laser procedure was a great success in the USA, Canada, Switzerland.


Recommendations after the procedure!

  • Do not be in the company of smokers,
  • Get rid of cigarettes and ashtrays,
  • Drink plenty of water, about 3 liters per day,
  • Immediately after the procedure, you can light a cigarette, you will find that the cigarette really does not taste like before, but do not try again.


How will you feel after the procedure?

  • There may be dry mouth
  • Nausea when you light a cigarette or someone smokes near you,
  • Calm, not craving for a cigarette or food.