Depilation with sugar paste removes hairs on any part of the body, both for women and men.

Depilation with sugar paste is gentle to the skin. On sensitive areas such as face, groin or underarms, you will most likely notice that the reddening of the skin disappears very quickly.

EPIL BEAUTY sugar paste removes hair with dead skin cells, so it acts as a fine peeling.

After depilation with sugar paste, you can sunbathe the next day. Depilation can also come with tanned skin. The sugar paste can be applied several times in the same place until the hair is removed.

Sugar paste can handle hair from 3 mm. For effective hair removal, we recommend a length of 5 ml. Longer hairs are not an obstacle, we shorten them as needed.

If you have problems with hair loss, eczema after waxing, vein problems, the sugar depilation is right for you.

EPIL BEAUTY depilation sugar paste is tested and approved by the State Health Institute in Prague. Sugar paste EPIL BEAUTY is free of parabens and chemicals. It does not irritate the skin, it prevents hair growth.

It is important not to apply body creams, oils and deodorants to skin before depilation.

For how long your skin will be smooth?

Repeated sugar paste treatment is individual to each client (based on the rate of hair growth), generally between 4 and 6 weeks.


A professionally trained beautician first cleanses the skin and then put some powder. Then, a sugar paste that is heated to body temperature is applied. The sugar paste is applied against the direction of the growth of the hairs and is pulled in the direction of growth by a rapid movement. The paste loosens hair from the mouth of the follicle, and the hair is pulled along the direction of growth and roots. Repeat if necessary, check with a tweezer and apply a soothing cream. Throughout the time of depilation, the beautician works with disposable gloves and spatula.