Face Hair Removal is an extremely sensitive procedure that requires a careful approach to cosmeticion and salon selection.

Salon Exclusive Beauty Clinic specializes in various types of hair removal. In addition to professionalism and high quality procedures, we try to create an atmosphere of relaxation in the salon. Our specialists will choose the best hair removal method for you, your type of hair, skin type and sensitivity.


The beautician cleanses the skin for depilation. Then a wax is applied which is warmed up to body temperature. Wax easily removes hair from the hair onion. At the end of the procedure, a soothing cream is applied. Each procedure is performed by using disposable gloves and tools.

It is very important not to apply cream or oil on the skin before depilation. The minimum length of the hair should be 5 millimeters. In the case of too long hair, the beautician adjusts the length.


Another procedure for wax depilation is planned according to individual needs, on average is every 2-4 weeks.

For customers with high sensitivity, we use a special anesthetic that is used in the form of a cream. The duration of the cream action is 30 minutes.

Special anesthetic - 4g Upon request, you can make your mustache more varied

Shape at will

Depilation for men

Men's sugar paste depilation is a perfect hair removal system. Depilation with sugar paste lasts longer than conventional methods. Sugar paste acts antibacterially, effectively heals wounds and scars. Columns do not grow, there are no allergic reactions or skin irritation. The depilation paste removes dead skin cells and works like fine peeling.

Benefits of sugar paste depilation:

  • Your skin gets a smooth look for up to 6 weeks.
  • It removes the hairs in the direction of growth and the root, so the hairs do not grow
  • Ideal for sensitive areas of the face and body, intimate parts
  • It revives the skin by removing dirt and dead cells
  • Leaves skin without hairs for up to 6 weeks
  • Removes hairs both coarse and delicate
  • It is not painful compared to wax depilation