Ozone has anti-inflammatory effects. Enhances skin resistance, has calming and disinfecting properties. Inflamed ranks catch up and heal very well. Scarecrows acne quickly. Ozone therapy aids regeneration, prevents contamination of pores and prevents the formation of comedones.

Ozone causes intense metabolism, which increases microcirculation, which leads to improved local skin supply, favorable stimulation of elastic structures, and thus improved absorption of cosmetic products.

Suitable after depilation, epilation, deep cleansing, hematoma treatment, nails inflammation. Disinfection, calming, regenerating the scalp, promoting hair growth.

Application of ozonizer: low - calming, higher stimulation, vision, high blood circulation.


  • For people with pacemakers
  • For people with epilepsy
  • For people with an increased response to electrical impulses
  • Acute and wetting dermatoses
  • During pregnancy
  • We do not perform the treatment around the eyes and the birthmarks