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Charm your surroundings with a deep and sensual look!

Charm your surroundings with a deep and sensual look!

Mesotherapy is nowadays one of the most popular and most effective non-surgical method for the correction of skin problems.

Wrinkles can be alleviated  using the mini-invasive microneedle therapy Dermapen.
The Dermapen treatment creates fractional skin microtrauma - by micropunctures. Skin reacts to this microtrauma by healing and a formation of collagen. Your skin is looking youthful and rejuvenated.

Eyes can be highlighted with soft dots between the eyelashes and more prominent lines that replace the eye makeup. The version of the line is pre-drawn by the beautician without make-up and is approved by the client.

Effect corresponding to a light concealer.

The procedure is suitable for both women and men.

How is it possible that these brown spots will begin to be done in the thirties and somewhere in the fifties?

Hemangiomas will be removed just after expert consultation!

Treatment by the T-AWAY method is currently the most effective solution to this problem.

From soft refreshment through active recovery to intense peeling - according to the result of skin diagnosis. Herbal mixtures cause a strong blood supply and flat peeling of the skin's surface layer, which greatly stimulates the formation of new cells and natural regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Lashes are mostly colored in black, the color is applied as much as possible to the root of the lashes to make the effect as large as possible.

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